Friday, May 13, 2011 Problems

Hello Readers, 

You may have noticed.  Blogger had a few problems the last two days.  Google seems to have fixed them, and we're back up and running.  However  for some strange reason, I lost all of my edits in my last post.  I had to redo the post, i.e., try to remember the final version. It reminds me of the movie, "Groundhog Day."  And everybody's comments have disappeared.  Google, thanks a lot!  Hopefully, we'll have smooth sailing from now on.

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  1. It was frustrating. I lost few posts but came back with no comments. Today I see that some of the bloggers who have Custom Domains through blogger are not loading. I tried to visit some of my regular followers with custom domain and the pages are not loading. I have a blogger blog with custom domain and that is not loading either. Glad I am keeping my Cruise blog under