Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Buy Flowers For Less

I love flowers.  And now that Spring is … well … in full bloom, with summer to follow, fresh flowers are a no brainer way of bringing beauty, elegance and nature into your home … or showing someone you care.  I rarely cross paths with anyone, male or female, who doesn't appreciate flowers.  But depending on where you buy them, flowers can be expensive.

Here are some ways of finding nature's perfect brilliance without spending a fortune:

1.  Always buy flowers that are in season … and be flexible.  You don't have to buy the rarest and most expensive, or even a great quantity.  A few flowers will look beautiful by tying them together with a bright ribbon.  You know pretty when you see it.  Buy what you like, but can afford.

2.  Select short stems over long steamed roses.  People usually cut long stems before placing roses in a vase anyway, so why pay for inches of stem that end up in the garbage?  Roses are beautiful both ways, but short steams are cheaper.

3.  Shop outside of a florist:  My friends don't care how much I spend on flowers, it's the effect – the thought and how they are presented that counts.  Many grocery stores, Home Depots and Targets have entire flower departments, where you can get beautiful arrangements for $7 - $30.  I find bouquets and potted plants at Home Depot and Food Emporium that are so lovely you'd never know they didn't come from a florist.

4.  When buying for a friend or relative, deliver the flowers yourself.  Flowers make wonderful hostess gifts, and supermarkets will even deliver for a small charge if you can't hand them to the recipient in person.  But if possible, don't you want to see the look on someone's face when they open the door and see their bouquet or arrangement?  I realize I'm doing it for someone else, but I don't want to miss out on the fun.  It's such a joy to make someone happy when they have no reason to expect it!  Surprise!  Gotcha!!

5.  Herbs and spices are a cheap and healthy way to decorate your home.  Instead of plants you can't eat, consider a window-box herb garden.  Not only are they green and beautiful, they are easy to grow.

6.  Buy aromatherapeutic flowers like lavender and eucalyptus plants that can be dried. Each smells divine, looks fantastic and lasts a long time, so you really get your money's worth.  I purchased a wicker ring at a dollar store, wrapped eucalyptus leaves around it and decorated my wreath with the blossoms of tiny silk roses, baby's breadth and sunflowers.  It makes my home smell so clean, and I love it!  (So does my neighbor.)  I don't think of myself as crafty, but I just had an idea in my head of what I wanted to hang on a wall and tried it.  I needed 4 bunches of eucalyptus, 3 twigs of different colored, silk flowers and the circle.  My total cost: $25.00.

Now it's your turn.  With a little ingenuity and knowing places to shop, you can enjoy beautiful flowers at very affordable prices.
Red rose
Extra tip: I once attended a wedding reception where the table centerpieces were small clay pots of African violets, which guests were encouraged to take home.  It was simple, charming and probably saved the bride's family a bundle.


  1. You have some nice tips to share about shopping for flowers. We have a little herb garden and we make sure few leaves from them are kept along with our home decoration.

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  3. I can tell you love flowers, and have put a lot of thought into this article. All of your hints are very good! I tend to go for the long-stemmed flowers and end up cutting them down! ANd my favorite place to buy flowers is in a local fruit/veg market. I do love eucalyptus, too. Right now, I'm waiting for my mock orange, irises and then, in June - roses! to bloom.

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