Thursday, May 19, 2011

Going Organic: Face, Body And Hair Essentials

Although I buy makeup and personal care items from the corner drugstore, I also love organic products.  All things being equal, I prefer organic cosmetics, as well as, skin and hair care items.  But like everything else in life, I compare the benefits with costs and convenience.  No matter how outstanding a product is, if it's crazy expensive, who can afford to use it everyday?

The Industrial Revolution has been both a blessing and a curse.  It's made products cheap and available for the masses, but it has also brought us new worries like stripping products of their natural benefits and the safety of using certain chemicals to manufacture and preserve them.  So whether it's as an individual or a society, there's not one simple answer for choosing products:  In every instance, benefits verses costs, convenience and availability.

In the 21st century the masses are living relatively well, at least in industrial societies.  Nowadays we do more than just subsist.  We are exceptionally good at producing plenty of affordable products.  We now have the luxury of asking:  Can we make smarter products?  Can our products be better and healthier and good for our planet?  Are you like me (still shopping at drugstores) but leaning towards organic?  As our demand for organic products increase, their costs should come down.  Only products certified as organic can claim the label.  I use "certified organic" products and read "natural product ingredients carefully since there are no regulations to use the term.

Here are my picks of earth-friendly personal care products to try:

Jurlique Skin Care – A company founded by two scientists, the skin care is blended from herbs and botanicals harvested from a 153 acre farm in unpolluted South Australia.  The company has serums and moisturizers to treat dryness, oiliness, sensitivity and aging.  Costs: $17-$75.

Karma Organic Nail Care – It's organic, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.  And it supports Farm Crops.  The polish is long lasting, and the polish remover comes in lavender, tea tree, or unscented with vitamin E.  Costs: $10-$12.

Korres High-Drama Antioxidant Color Collection – A 7 piece makeup collection featuring eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss, all formulated with good-for-you ingredients like cherry oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin E and more.  Jewel-tone colors with rich pigments.  Costs: $29.50.

Aveda Hair Care – Shop by hair type and solutions, from straight to curly to damaged to controlling dandruff.  The Sampure shampoo cleans and fortifies any hair type.  It is a calming mix of 25 plants and flowers and is infused with a smoothing botanical aroma of your choice.  Costs: $10.50 for 8.5 Fluid ounce.

Ecotools By Alicia Silverstone – Cute cosmetic bags and quality brushes made with 100% eco-friendly materials and practical details.  Great for traveling and storing your makeup.  Costs: $7.99-$14.99.

Dr. Teal's Therapeutic Solutions Epsom Salt – Epsom salt is used to rid the body of toxins, relax tense muscles and revitalize the skin.  Lavender induces a good night's sleep so you wake up looking fresh and beautiful.  Costs: $5-$6 for 3 pounds.

The Body Shop's Hemp Body Butter – Dermatologically tested for very dry skin.  It moisturizes for 24 hours and contains Community Trade hemp seed oil.  The Body Shop looks for natural ingredients from around the globe for their assortment of face, hair and body products.  They have always been environmentally responsible and against animal testing.  Costs: $16 for 8 ounces (without a deal).

If demand increases, going organic will be good for you, the environment and your wallet.  Look closely: Organics are starting to appear in the aisles of the corner drugstore.

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  1. I look at my eight-year old granddaughter's face - that beautiful skin, and I think - what happens to us? LOL! The continuing fight against age. I use hypoallergenic cosmetics such as Almay and Neutrogena. These work best for me - but if I ever decide to try organic products, I will definitely check your page as a reference!

  2. Hey Loretta, drugstores have some fantastic skin care products. I love Neutrogena and Olay, myself. And you can't beat the price and convenience.

    I'm happy we are starting to take out chemicals which aren't needed. What was once just organic is catching on as mainstream. Let's hope that awareness continues so we get products that are good for us, as well as, the planet long-term.