Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crystal Heels For Glamour

I saw a cute line for these: "Pardon my back."
I love shoes with glitter.  Because I rarely wear heels, I only have 2 pairs of pumps. But both pairs have glimmer heels.  One pair is a little flashier than the other.  On occasions when I pull my glitter heels out of my closet, I get lots of compliments.  I think everyone likes sparkle.  Since many designers include them in their collections, they are available at every price point. Crystals are more expensive than rhinestones.
You will find bejeweled ballet flats too.  Shimmer can take you from the office to a night out on the town without having to change your attire.  Rhinestone-and-crystal footwear pushes a casual smart look up a notch and jazzes up an otherwise understated outfit.  You look dressy without trying too hard.  Worn with a little black dress, chiffon gown, or black velvet paints, the look is classic with a little extra pizzazz.  Stepping out with glitter accented feet adds a bit of glamour all year around.  It's a vintage look that never goes out of style.

Places to shop include: ZapposNordstrom and Endless.  


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  3. These shoes are awesome!!!

  4. You've convinced me to get a pair! So beautiful!