Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday To THE SAVVY SHOPPER

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THE SAVVY SHOPPER turns 4 years old today.  Where does the time go?  This site started because I wanted to see what all this blogging business entailed. 

My least favorite part of blogging is futzing with photos and the layout.

In the print world, it takes a team.  Either you work on the editorial, or the business side.  On the editorial side, staffers work as reporters, writers and editors.  There are separate art, photo and copy departments within the editorial side.  All these separate, but linked departments worry about different aspects of a magazine (or newspaper), with all their roles and efforts coming together to close (i.e. publish) an issue (or edition).

Until I began this blog I didn't worry about pictures, layouts or copy editing.  I don't think fussing with layouts and spotting misspelled words are my forte, but I like trying ... and stretching myself, as well as, succeeding.
And, I love how direct and democratic blogging is.  I don't have to pitch nothin'.  Anybody with a computer and a voice can do it.  If you enjoy learning, coming up with story ideas, have the skills to do some digging (research) ... use good judgment ... then have the ability to make it understantable for readers, you can be a blogger.  No capital required, but you will have to invest your time.  Oh ... and you should enjoy fiddling with words.  In fact, that's my favorite part, the writing.  On this blog, it starts and ends with the words.

THE SAVVY SHOPPER now gets a few hundred savvy readers a day, and YOU are awesome! Thank you for stopping by.  Here's to another year of fun facts and entertainment.  Please let me know if there are topics you want to explore.  Let's learn stuff.  Share your thoughts under comments.  Click here for free birthday gifts.
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  1. Happy B-day to the blog. It's getting the steady following because it's a good place to learn about new products, or get a bit of whimsy. Keep up the great work

  2. Congrations! SPM

  3. I learn alot on The Savvy Shopper and have saved some money. Keep it coming!