Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter From The Savvy Shopper

Photo by Orbmiser/flickr
Easter is a holiday of bright, lively colors ... from dyed eggs ... to budding flowers ... from baby ducks ... to Easter dresses.
Photo by Almaharri
Easter is a time of renewal and new beginnings ... in nature and religious faith.
Photo by Handful Of Quietness
This little bunny reminds me of A Tale Of Peter Rabbit.  He is perfectly content resting in gentle hands unlike Peter Rabbit, who was chased after by mean, old Mr. McGregor after entering Mr. McGregor's garden and eating his "lettuces, green beans and radishes."  Had Peter not gotten away, Mr. McGregor would have hit him with a rake and served him up as a pot pie!   This little guy is in much safer hands.
1909 Wessler Easter postcard - on Ebay for $2.99 here
Now that a new season is here, stop to notice the flowers ... enjoy the spring ... and a Happy Easter Everyone!

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