Tuesday, December 10, 2013

TIME's Person Of The Year

Who is it going to be? Any guesses? Oh, I wish it were THIS easy. I like it inside this red border.

TIME's Person Of the Year "profiles the person, group, idea or object" who for "better or worst" had the "greatest influence on events" in the past year. Dispite what many people think, it is a distinction, not an honor nor an award for goodness. For that reason, the distinction has gone to world leaders, such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and inventors like Mark Zuckerberg, as well as, tyrants, Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. The Person Of The Year is chosen by the editors of TIME magazine. TIME's managing editor (influenced by others -- namely, staff editors and corporate bosses) makes the final decision.

Editors are human, so the selection is arbitrary, but for the most part, TIME does a terrific job in making its decision. The one year, I might have differed is 2001: with Osama Bin Laden for Person Of the Year (not Rudolph Giuliani). I mean, we're still being searched every time we board a plane (and I lost my Olay lotion!) because of him.

Even "You" were TIME's Person Of theYear. In 2006 it went to individual content creators of the internet, i.e. all of us!

Now let's talk about the cover above ^.  Bright idea, right? Hey ... that was a rhetorical question. Be kind! There is no money in the blogging budget for lights or photo shop. And ... it is probably my only chance.

UPDATE: December 11, 2013 - TIME's Person Of the Year is Pope Francis.

I was rooting for him. First of all, it's more interesting when the selection is a person. Secondly, P. Francis seems to be a people's pope and an excellect example of humility, who is making the Church mind its Ps & Qs. (Jesus was a carpenter, right? You go Francis!) So far, so good.

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  1. Excellent magazine cover! Congrats, Debbie.

  2. Barry, you're sweet. As it turns out, TIME had other ideas. :)