Monday, December 16, 2013

Twelve Stocking Stuffers For The Twelve Days Of Christmas

Good things come in small packages ... small enough to fit inside a Christmas stocking. 

The perfect gift should: 1) meet a need, 2) satisfy a desire or 3) put a smile on a face. When you don't know what to buy for someone, just ask, "Will this gift make him or her happy?" A gift is a token. You want family and friends to feel appreciated.

With that criteria in mind, here are 12 Stocking Stuffers ... ideas for adults. Give one each day of Christmas, if you like:

1. Bling - Trust me, you can never go wrong by giving a woman jewelry ... for example gold post earrings and/or bracelets with sparkle: diamonds, rubies or sapphires. (Just saying ... for um no particular reason.)

2. Silk ties, or snazzy cuff links for him. He needs a few nice ones for grown up occasions when he must dress up.

3. makeup palette in flattering colors for her -- if you're skilled at choosing them -- or a travel makeup brush set, if not.

4. A travel grooming kit, so toiletries are organized, compact and easy to throw into a suitcase.

5. Gift certificates to a friend's favorite store, so he can buy himself  that perfect gift, one he really likes. 

6. Batteries - Everybody needs batteries, not just during Christmas for new gadgets, but throughout the year. It's a super thoughtful gift!

7. Scented candles - Containing soothing essential-or-floral-fragrant-oils. Men and women alike love good quality candles and rooms illuminated by candlelight.

8. Goat milk soaps - Rich and moisturizing to care for winter skin.

9. A handy kitchen, or bar tool - One you know will make your giftee's life easier, like a lemon squeezer (for making margaritas), or an avocado slicer for making guacamole dip. Something practical you know your friend will love.

10. An assortment of warm, colorful socks.

11. A music mix of favorite tunes.

12. Favorite snacks: A Cajun-flavored nut mix (again just saying ... for um no particular reason😊, dried fruit and nuts, or a granola-dried fruit mix, and/or chocolate (everybody's favorite).

We have nine days left ...

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