Thursday, January 8, 2015

Q&Q SmileSolar Watch

I go through a lot of watches, not because the watches stop ticking, but the bands wear out; and I find replacing a watch band to be inconvenient (where do you go to buy them?) and expensive, so I end up just buying a new watch. Therefore, I don't like to overspend (not a penny over 30 bucks) on a watch.

The next time this happens, I plan to buy a Q&Q SmileSolar watch. Batteries aren't cheap either, and the SmileSolar watch doesn't require a battery. It is powered by fluorescent light. Ten minutes of light charges the watch for 3.5 months, while 30 minutes will last for 11 months. Can't beat that!

Made by Citizen Japan, the watch comes in a variety of appealing face and band colors. Modern and stylish, right?

The timepiece is expertly crafted from eco-friendly materials, and the company donates a portion of the profits from the sale of each watch to Table For Two, an organization dedicated to providing meals for hungry children in Asia and Africa.

With glowing customer reviews, low maintenance and a fair price, meet my next new watch!

What color should I get?

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