Monday, January 5, 2015

Duck Dynasty, A Review

Recently I watched a few full episodes and clips of Duck Dynasty on YouTube. I have never, ever watched a reality television series (outside of the contest shows). I'm sure I would not care for most of the genre, but I find Duck Dynasty very entertaining. In short, the Robertson family is hugely likable, as portrayed.

The series features Phil and Miss Kay, their four adult sons, Alan, Jase, Willie and Jep, their daughters in-law, Lisa, Missy, Korie and Jessica, plus their grandchildren, employees and friends. Perhaps, the most popular family member is Phil's brother, Uncle Si, a Vietnam veteran, who is off-beat and crazy in a good-natured way. Uncle Si is quite the storyteller. He claims his "stories are 95% true." You gotta love him for it!

The show takes place in West Monroe, Louisiana. It revolves around a family-run business, Duck Commander, which makes a duck call for duck hunters. The Robertson men are avid hunters and known for their ZZ Top-like beards and their strong Christian values. (Oldest brother, Alan, is the exception. He shaves.)

But so far, these characteristics don't bother me as a viewer. As long as people are honest, transparent and tolerant, I can accept some differences.

Duck Dynasty seems less scripted and more positive than other reality TV shows are reported to be. There is no high drama, or negativity. Ribbing, yes, but no fighting between family members. How refreshing not to have a king-or-queen of mean in a series. Watching pettiness and bad behavior gets old fast!

Despite their redneck image, Phil and sons are actually college graduates, as are the daughters-in-law. And, they have other talents. Miss Kay cooks banquet-size meals. Jase's wife, Missy, has a lovely singing voice, and Willie and Korie's daughter, Sadie Robertson, with no prior dance experience, came in second place on Dancing With With Stars. Back in the day, grandpa Phil was recruited to play pro-football, however, he turned the chance down because duck hunting was his calling. That decision seems to have worked out.

I enjoy the humor and (dare I say) sincerity of the show. A critic might compare its realism to that of Ozzie And Harriet. Romanticised ... surely, but viewers are getting the essence of who the Robertsons are. 

The family sticks together, but are also altruistic and kind. They believe in giving back and helping a neighbor.

It's not featured on the show, but various family members have overcome adversity. None of them claims to be perfect. Phil was not always a model husband, and youngest son, Jep, had to find his way before he matured, but that's what fans like about the family. They are not saints, but come across as compassionate people trying to lead purposeful lives.

Although not a hunter, myself, I am OK with it on the show. In their environment, I understand why they do it. The Robertsons were money poor before Duck Commander made them wealthy, and they were brought up to kill what they eat. Even with money, it puts food on their table. Phil doesn't want his children and grandchildren to become as he puts it, yuppie boys and girls.

The Robertsons like to laugh at themselves, and television viewers like them for it. The show is fun, down home and charming. It's also a top rated series on the E-Network.

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  1. This is one I will have to look out for - the Duck Dynasty have a lifestyle about which I have no idea. We rarely hear about Louisiana. Love that little animated duck!

    1. Hi Patricia,

      You'll have to let me know what you think of the show. I enjoyed watching. Glad you like the duck! I was lucky to find it.

    2. Duck Dynasty is my guilty pleasure. I love the show!