Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Apple Watch 2015

Hand it over!
It is vital to keep up with technology even if you can't always afford to pay up.  

In a few weeks, Apple will launch their much anticipated Apple Watch. Starting at $350, I won't be buying one in the near future, but I'll definitely play with it on trips down to the Apple store.

Presently, I use a 2008 MacBook Pro, which could cough and die at any moment, so I am budgeting for the inevitable. Last year I bought an ipad mini to take on trips, so that is enough of a splurge for me right now.
All photos: Apple
Nevertheless, the availability of the new iwatch is super exciting! Not only can it tell time, it can pull up the weather; or maps; or your calender; or make phone calls; or send messages to the people in your network, as well as, keep track of your physical fitness. Perhaps, it's too much information, but the watch also lets you share your heartbeat with a second person, who can feel it on his iwatch! And, you'll be able to pay for coffee, groceries and other things with Apple Pay (an app) instead of pulling out a wallet.

 Oh yeah, the Apple Watch has apps! New technology makes navigating the apps on the watch's small face (i.e. screen) fast and fluid for the wearer. The device is somewhat intuitive. It detects motion when you raise your arm. The apps are designed to only require "lightweight interaction," letting you "make numble and precise adjustments." In sum, the watch and its apps are reported to be very user friendly.

The Apple Watch comes in a myriad of editions from 18k gold to aluminum and stainless steel. Some editions have metal bands, others have leather bands while still others have gel bands, and they come in a variety of band colors and fasteners.

The way we communicate with the world is changing once again. How futuristic to input, or call up important information; check email and connect with people on something as small as your watch! (Positively George Jetson-ish.) As Apple's Jony Ive, Senior VP of Design, says, their new watch is "technology designed to be worn and personal."

Why did I write about this new Apple watch? Now I want one! Don't you?

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