Monday, February 9, 2015

What Are PYSIS?

PYSIS, pronounced Pisces (like the zodiac fish) stands for Protect Your Shoes In Style. Marketed as posh galoshes, they are rainboot covers that go on over many different styles of shoes to protect the footwear from the rain, slush or snow. 

PYSIS are designed with a flat, treaded rubber sole and innovated elastic closures to keep your feet insulated, warm and dry, as well as, your dress shoes from ruin.

They have a collapsible construction. The covers fold up in an easy-to-carry pouch that slings over your shoulder on days when it might, or might not rain.

The design also provides stability to high heel wearers. The footbed has a notch that holds the heel in place, and the sheath keeps the ankle secure.

Light and comfortable, they eliminate the need for a bulky pair of rubber boots. Look professional and polished even on stormy days. 

Protect your shoes while you stay dry in style!

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