Thursday, May 28, 2015

Traveler Meet The Barracuda

The swivel handle is attacked to an pull down laptop tray.
The Barracuda -- a collapsible, hard sided, carry-on, suitcase -- is a Kickstarter item, not yet available in stores, but I already want one.

You see, I don't have enough room in my apartment for my luggage. 

Although we have a locked storage room in our building where I have kept three suitcases (of different sizes) since moving into the building, recently when I went with a porter to retrieve the carry-on, it turns out that two of my suitcases -- the said carry-on, as well as, the next size up -- went missing. 

It is disappointing to say the least. Only building staff has keys to unlock the room; and for years the same porter accompanied me to get and return the suitcases from the storage room. It was a system that worked very well (for years) until it didn't. And, it's not like someone took my bags by mistake. Each size was wrapped in a protective plastic bag and double tagged (inside and out) with my identity and apartment number. We always layed them on the same shelf. So where did they go???
And now, I don't know what to do. It's not like I can do without, but where can I put a new carry-on when not in use? 

A duffel bag is easier to store, but not the best option to protect my stuff. I always travel with a blow dryer ... and you never know what else. Moreover, I like to organize my clothes; and sometimes on a small aircraft, passengers are asked to place their carry-ons on a cart before boarding. The suitcases are then loaded into the belly of the plane where bags without structure could be crushed by other luggage en route.
Certainly, the Barracuda carry-on would solve my dilemma. It is hard sided, yet fully collapsible for storage under a bed. Other cool features include an ergonomic swivel handle, a built-on tray for a laptop, GPS for location tracking, plus 2 USB ports for recharging your electronic devices.

Practically speaking, such high tech features are more than I really need. I'd be satisfied with a lower priced collapsible bag, lacking the fancy electronics. The Barracuda suitcase will retail for $480. We'll have to wait for an el-cheapo knowoff to hit the market sometime after the Baracuda's launch.

It's about time someone has thought to invent a classic, hard sided, collapsible, carry-on suitcase. If anyone sees my fairy godmother, please ask her to call me!

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  1. Looks like a cool product- though this road warrior would prefer to stay low tech. Checking baggage is never a good idea- even for flights that are not connecting. The ultimate piece of luggage would be my beige/ light brown Lands End suit bag, or the duffel bag, both soft pieces, but reconfigured with wheels and a handle to avoid nerve damage from over-the-shoulder. Soft luggage is much more "malleable" when dealing with various airline configurations, but wheels are critical.

    1. You use a duffel bag, Barry? I like to organze my clothes instead of having them all together. Some hard suitcases are cloth and expandable, unlike the shell type. Usually the shell has no outside compartments, which I'd miss.

  2. Duffel bag or soft luggage is more "malleable" when dealing with overheard compartments. Organizing of contents is laudable- but not in my DNA, so for non planners like me, those outside compartments are crucial.

  3. The airline industry has this to say:

  4. Thanks for the link, Barry!

    As it happens, I've been eyeballing a 21" carry-on suitcase from American Tourister. Just waiting for a good price from anywhere. Then I have to figure out where to store it. I don't like anything except a pair of house shoes under a bed. So TBD.

    1. Every once in a while, you get a topic hotter than BBQ sauce! I saw on the news that NY Senator Schumer has come out against the airlines plan saying that it's a gambit, pure and simple, to force travelers to pay for checking of luggage. On my trips I have a computer bag on a wheelie, which I think comes in with smaller dimension than the 21 inch carry on. Then, a Filson over the shoulder bag, which I can stuff under the seat in front of me. Unless you pay the big bucks (or have a client do so), flying is a far cry from the days of pre-deregulation where flying was a more elite activity, even in economy class.

    2. I wish the airlines would just let us have one carry-on. If it fits in the overhead, let us be. The extra fees are worrisome!

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