Thursday, May 7, 2015

Heatmaps Reveal Where Humans Feel Certain Emotions On The Body

This is a fascinating study, so I will share it. The data is not surprising since the mind and body are interconnected. Emotions play a huge role in our overall well being. If you want to read more from the team of bio-medical engineers, click here

It is interesting how emotions produce heat in specific parts of the body that scientists can actually measure.

For millenniums philosophers have debated: Is the essence of the world ideas (a/k/a, mind; the abstract), or matter (a/k/a, body; concrete; things)? In other words, what defines the world, and by extension, a human being? Some philosophers say it is the mind or ideals. Other schools say, it is body, matter or the concrete. Aristotle, who was a philosopher and scientist, argues that the answer is both. The intrinsic nature of the world (and a human) is both ideas and matter. It is both metaphysical and physical; abstract and concrete; mind, body and he added the soul, (or spirit). I am making this very simple; a watered down explanation of his philosophy. If you are a real academic, cringe! Or, just take over in the comments. (I have a simple brain:).

So the essence of a man, according to the great thinker, Aristotle, is mind, body and the soul. According to him, you can't separate one from the others; and all these years later, science seems to support him, in part. (Science can't prove the existence of a soul. That requires a leap of faith.)

Aristotle's postulates aren't so radical today, since the mind-body connection can be measured. It's amazing how smart he was in 322 BC. Indeed, what scientists discover can help us achieve better health. So stay tuned.

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  1. Not sure what Aristotle would think, but there is definitely something to the ideas expressed in this blog entry. I've been under the weather- much better now, but various leg and back pains also induced certain mood changes. So I am not sure what is cause and what is effect, but definitely there is something to this.