Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dry Shampoo Is Strange

Photo: BeautyNewsIndia - There's plenty of dry shampoo on the market!
A product you never see recommended on THE SAVVY SHOPPER is dry shampoo. That's because I don't understand it.

The texture of my hair is fine, and I have lots of it. I wonder if dry shampoo works better on another hair type? The idea of weighing down second day fine hair with dry shampoo sounds a little gross to me. Some beauty editors advise sprinkling talc powder or cornstarch on your scalp as a substitute for dry shampoo. I suppose talc powder, or cornstarch like dry shampoo, absorbs oil.

To me, it seems like these measures still leave you with dirty hair. If you have time to sprinkle and brush dry shampoo (talc power or cornstarch) into your oily hair, isn't it easier to just wash the hair as you shower each morning? I mean, the effort is about the same, no?

I found a blog describing the ins and outs of using dry shampoo here. In my research, I notice two things: 1) Dry shampoo is many times more expensive than shampoo and; 2) All the beauty brands offer it, which means it does sell. So people are users.

Perhaps somebody who likes the stuff will school me. Are you a fan of dry shampoo (or talc power or cornstarch)? Please mention what the texture of your hair is: fine, medium or coarse.Emoji

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  1. When I was a teen my hair was greasy and I used to use dry shampoo sometimes. It was pretty good although it seemed to make my hair duller than it would be with a regular shampoo. But I didn't mind that as I didn't like the way it started looking slick after about a day if I didn't wash it. I would not use it now I am older and my hair is more dry.

  2. When I was a teen I didn't know about dry shampoo, but I had oily hair too. Thanks for sharing, Jenny!