Monday, May 16, 2016

Higher Tea For Your Health

Photos: Higher Tea
Over the course of the blog, I've written about the many health benefits of drinking tea. As my readers know, I had to give up sodas and supermarket bottled teas because they were eating my enamel, causing my teeth to become too sensitive. A cup of tea prepared from dried tea leaves at home is far less acidic and most likely retains more of its healthy, antioxidant polyphenols.

Serious tea drinkers will want to know where they can buy quality tea leaves. Higher Tea is one such tea merchant, founded by New Zealand Naturopath, Sophie Howard. The company's aim is to provide consumers "with healthy and pure tea," so that tea drinkers can brew a perfect cup of tea. To achieve its mission, the family-run company explores the world to find tea from every corner of the planet. Whether you drink popular English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, or want to try an exotic blend like Dragon Well Tea, or Coconut Pu-erh Tea, Higher Tea offers world class dried tea. 

I'm sampling three teas that Higher Tea selected for me:

1) Green Gunpowder Tea - A classic style of green tea from the Zhejian province of China. Caffeine free

2) Detox Tea - A senna and caffeine free blend to boost metabolism and balance the digestive system. This tea is a nice surprise. Tasty and gentle, it doesn't mess with your digestive tract in any unpleasant way like some other brands do, thankfully.

3) Weight Loss Tea - A blend to improve digestion and ease bloating and detoxifying. Also caffeine free. Although I don't tend to worry about the caffeine in tea -- it's less than coffee; without a doubt, I don't have to avoid drinking these three naturally caffeine free teas late at night.

All of the tea is 100% certified organic and blended in small batches. Refreshing and delicious, I especially like how each blend of tea lists its ingredients, as well as, how to measure and brew a perfect cup of tea. So often you don't know exactly how many minutes to seep a cup of tea for the best taste. The packaging gives you the correct brewing time for each tea. 
Higher Tea's website, too, has a wealth of tea information. The blog section tells you more about specific tea blends, plus gives wellness tips, such as how to sleep better, or reduce life stress.

The one bit of information that I believe customers will want to see added online is the weight of tea they are ordering. The packages I received were 3 ounces each. Online, customers can order quantity: 
1, 2, 3, etc. of tea, but I don't see the weight listed. Noneless, the quality of Higher Tea is top-notch and healthy. It makes a great hostess gift!

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  1. Tea has certainly become more popular recently, as all the health benefits become known. So many different types available; my friend recently gave me a gift of various teas, which are delicious. Enjoy your Higher Teas!

    1. Tricia, I must confess to starting off being more of a coffee drinker. But when I stopped drinking sodas at home, I had to find something more than always drinking water. Don't get me wrong, I drink lots of cold water too and like it.

      From all accounts, drinking tea is an excellent habit to develop. There's always a reason when generations do something, and it doesn't go out of style.