Monday, December 9, 2019

Hot Tools Black Gold Charcoal Infused One-Step Blowout

A bulky blow dryer in the hand.
For one week I used Hot Tools One-Step Blowout dryer (price $80). Other retailers have a blow dryer wand including: Revlon ($59), Conair ($48) and Dyson ($500). The Hot Tools unit is marketed as a blow dryer used by professional stylists.

Did I like it? Yes ... but not as much as my Conair 1875 Watt 3-in-1 Styling Hair Blowdryer (see photo below; cost $20). If you already have a blow dryer you like, you definitely will not need a wand (also called a hot air brush). My Conair Styler does everything the new wands do better! There is no rod to wrap your hair around, but it doesn't matter!

The Hot Tools hot air brush is easy to use and has good heat output to dry thick hair quickly just like my Conair Styler. But as I said, my type of blow dryer performs several functions better! Moreover it only costs $20 versus $80 for the new Hot Tools wand.

The Hot Tools Blowout is heavier and bulky, while the Conair Styler is sturdy, yet light and compact. The Conair blow dryer has 3 attachments, which are detachable. Not so with the Hot Tools' (or Revlon's) blow dryer wands, which have a single non-detachable brush. If after time and use, the bristles fall or wear out, you must buy a new blow dryer. You can replace my Conair Styler's 3 attachments as needed like you can with the Conair and Dyson wands. But jeez, look what you're paying for the Dayson wand ... $500!

I expect the new one-step wands to be more advanced, as well as, more convenient to use over my Conair Styler, but, their bulky bodies make them less so in my experience. The fact that I can twirl my hair around a rod isn't an advantage. The motion doesn't add greater volume, or body to my hair over the Conair Styler, nor do I end up with curls at the ends with staying power. It seems I get the same, if not more, volume with my reliable Conair Styler by blowing out my hair upside down (i.e. with a downward tilted head).

And too, my Conair Styler adds more shine and smoothness to my hair than the Hot Tools wand type. I think this is due to using a comb attachment, as opposed to, going through my hair with the bristles of a brush. And as mentioned, with the Hot Tools wand, you only get one option, a non-detachable brush to blowout your hair. The Conair Styler's comb tames frizz better.

Surprisingly, Conair's comb attachment is gentler on my scalp also. Even though the Hot Tool's brush doesn't scratch my scalp, it leaves it raw ... and I'm unsure if this would feel more severe over a longer period of use.
Still the champion!
Finally the Conair 1875 Styler blow dryer dries my hair in less time (under 5 minutes). Its compact body allows you to move it through a full head of hair faster and with more passes. The Hot Tools wand (i.e. hot air brush) is more of a workout to use, requiring more turns of the wrist to pass over and through the hair. Its bulk makes it slightly awkward to use.

Don't get me wrong: Hot Tools One-Step Blowout does its job of drying the hair straight with less frizz. Everybody on the Internet is loving the new blow dryer wands. Yet they are not comparing them to the Conair 1875 Styler blow dryer, and I am. 

The verdict is in: The Conair 1875 Watt 3-in-1 Styler is still the champ. Better performance for less cash! To straighten long,  medium, or short length hair, I highly recommend it over the hot air brushes ... at least for now. Wait for the next generation of wand blow dryers to become slimmer, cheaper and come with detachable combs and brushes.

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