Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mean, Clean And Green

You are the first to know. I'm turning a little bit green. Lately instead of using commercial cleaners with a long list of undesirable chemicals, I mop my floor with a mixture of half white vinegar and half water. And guess what? The acid in the vinegar works to naturally clean and disinfect the floor. Not only does using vinegar cut down on what I have to stock – one less product to buy, yeah! – but a 32 oz bottle costs less than a dollar and leaves no residue, so I don't have to mop the same areas over and over to remove suds. I'm all for simplicity and less elbow grease, believe me! Also the smell of the vinegar goes away as soon as the floor dries, so that isn't a deterrent. Now I wonder why I didn't make the discovery a long time ago. According to a professional cleaner, adding a cup of vinegar to laundry detergent in the wash cycle makes clothes brighter. And vinegar with water removes dirt from windows too.

Here are a few other all natural, multi-tasking tips:
1. Salt – Mix with water and rub on dry, flaky skin during a shower. Rinse and you'll have smooth, silky skin.
2. Olive oil – Coat lightly on your hair before shampooing. It's an excellent conditioner.
3. Dr. Woods Pure Peppermint Castile Soap – Use as a moisturizing face and body wash, as well as, for fresh, itch-free laundry.
4. Seltzer – Cleans spills, including red wine, out of clothes, couches and carpets.
5. Used coffee grinds – Sprinkle on plants as a fertilizer.
6. Honey – Allergy sufferers swear that consuming a couple of spoons a day of locally grown honey reduces symptoms for Hay and Spring fever. I'm trying it and seem to be getting relief. But stay tuned, only time will convince me it's because of the honey.
7. Lemon juice – Cleans and shines brass and copper.
8. Aluminum foil – Crinkle a square and rub it on pans to remove burnt in foods.
9. Microwave oven – Nuke your wet sponges for 60 seconds to kill germs.
10. Baking soda – As the commercial says, put a box in your refrigerator and pour the old box down your drains to keep them smelling fresh. After using detergent, I throw a little in sinks and tubs [mix with water and wipe] to get an extra sparkle, without scratching the enamel.
11. Drop a few bay leaves into canisters of flour, rice, or cornmeal to keep bugs out.
12. Place peppermint tea bags in your closets to keep moths from eating your wool and cashmere sweaters.

All of these products are safe, inexpensive and effective. Why not try them?Red rose

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  1. This is great! I've recently learned that adding vinegar to a load of towels will also remove the mildew smell that sometimes invades them.
    I like being green!!!!

    Crumpled up newspaper will help remove odd smells from plastic dishware.