Thursday, July 30, 2009

Welcome To The Loveless Cafe

Nashville's Loveless Cafe opened its doors in 1951. That's when Annie Loveless first served a batch of her prized scratch biscuits – using a secret family recipe – along with her homemade preserves and fried chicken. Soon cured country ham was added. Over the years the business changed hands, but a dedicated group of Music City locals kept it open and continued serving up it's smokehouse specials and country relishes and condiments. Today it has a thriving “Hams & Jams” mail order business, but Carol Fay, who started working at the cafe 30 years ago, and her cooking crew, still make everything in small batches. Peach, blackberry and strawberry preserves are slow cooked – 72 jars at a time – using Annie's original recipe of just fruit, sugar and 4-6 hours of simmering. Each jar is poured, labelled and packed by hand. Over the years, Carol Fay mastered many jobs and worked her way up. Today she is the keeper of the secret biscuit recipe and the face of the Loveless Cafe. If you stop by to eat, you can say “Hello” to Carol Fay.

The Loveless Cafe is known around the world for its hospitality and delicious Southern home-cooked breakfast, the best of the best. Outside of Nashville, you can call, or go online to order gift packs of smoked, favored bacon, country ham, Vinegar-Pepper BBQ Soak & Marinade, Loveless Seasoned Salt, or the cafe's [secret recipe] biscuit mix. You can butter your biscuits by ordering the cafe's scrumptious apple or pumpkin butters and satisfy your sweet tooth by sampling their heavenly confections, like homemade spiced pecans, caramel sorghum popcorn, or famous Tennessee T-Cakes, made in Nashville using a century-old recipe.

And visit the gift shop – either on your way out or online – where the cafe's cheeky slogans like “Our Butts Are Smokin” are sure to put a smile on your face.

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