Thursday, July 23, 2009

Replacing Old Faithful With A New Printer

Okay, it finally happened. The inkjet printer I happily used for 8 years needs to be put out to pasture, not because it no longer prints, mind you, but because technology has moved so far ahead that the printer has lost some vital connections, like the ability to print a single page. This means if I'm reading a 50 page document and want to take a look at a hardcopy of page 19, I have to print all 50 pages to get it. Now that's just wrong. [And forget about printing PDF files. Very hit or miss.] But as it turns out, I can buy a spanking new all-in-one printer for $99.99, which is exactly the same price I paid all those tech years ago for the old printer! It really pays to shop around, and that includes looking online. I'm getting a great deal for a printer by buying from Canon's official e-store. They are running a 33% discount on the PIXMA MP620 Wireless I often eyeball at BestBuy and the Apple Store. By ordering online I get free Fed-Ex shipping, so I don't have to lug an 18 pound, plus box home. And I discovered that Canon has outstanding customer service and technical support. Certainly, I need the technical help to set up the wireless function of the printer. And I always appreciate when a company offers free returns should anything go wrong and you need a replacement.

As a bonus, the new printer will pay for itself in time. It's ink cartridges cost one-third less than the old printer's. And before I selected this model, I didn't realize when a printer's color cartridges are separate, you spend less on ink because you only have to replace the depleted color – in lieu of all the colors at once. It was time for a change ... at an unbeatable price.

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  1. Wow, this is a great price for an all in one!