Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn's Purple Haze

There was a time when only an emperor or the Pope could afford to wear purple because it took many shellfish to make the pigment.  Interestingly enough, Byzantine princesses delivered their aristocratic children in purple chambers.  That's how it was for centuries, until German chemist, William Henry Perkin, created a synthetic purple dye in 1856, making the color of privilege available to the masses.  Purple was rock legend Jimi Hendrix's favorite color, so that's what he painted his Haight-Ashbury house.

Now purple is showing up as a hot make-up trend on runways and red carpets, as well as, in everyday life.  I see it all around while walking down a city street.  In addition to clothing and accessories, there are lavender eyes, plum lips and mauve, or violet nails.  Purple is a bold color that flatters everyone.  Say goodbye to drab browns and invisable beige.  All eye colors and skin tones can wear some shade of purple. Whether you wear a little or a lot, it's pretty, bright and irresisable!  The royals knew it all along; such a sultry color and versitle.  No wonder it's been sought-after throughout the ages.
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