Sunday, February 27, 2011

Orange Alert ... Even Oprah Is Trendy

I just returned home from a 40 block browse and walk, down Madison Avenue in New York City.  Every designer from  Prada, Chanel and Ralph Lauren ... to Burberry, Hermes and Donna Karen has shades of orange in their collections.  Orange shirts, dresses and purses are hanging on racks at Express, Banana Republic and Coach to name only a few.  To say that orange will be all the rage this Spring just might be an understatement.  Ms. Oprah is wearing the cheerful color on the February cover of her “O” magazine.  And she looks spectacular in it!  Even conservative labels like Brooks Brothers and Giorgio Armani are incorporating a little citrus flamboyance in their mens-and-womenswear.  And Ugg has come out with a tangerine boot.

Unlike baby blue and graceful pink, vivid hues of pumpkin and carrot are clearly not gender specific.  Just like the Sun, itself, orange is warm, bright and full of energy.

Orange can be loud, powerful and impossible to miss.  If you have a dark, or olive complexion, you can wear a wide range of orange, as well as, lots of it from head to toe.  But if you have a delicate or pale complexion, the dominate color will wash you out.  You need to go easy, be selective of tone and don't wear it too close to your face.  After a harsh winter, I can't wait to leave the layers of clothing at home and Spring forward with the vitality of orange. This promises to be a fun trend.

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