Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet The iPad 2

A Siren-like creature has been calling me for quite a while now.  Just like in a Greek myth, it is alluring, fascinating, and somewhat dangerous.  I knew a day would come when it tried to lure me in.

It looks innocent enough, but don't be fooled. If you stop by an Apple store to play with it, a strong compulsion to bring it home takes hold!

The iPad 2's features include several enhancements over its predecessor:
1. There are two cameras, back and front (for point shooting and video chatting).
2. It's 15% lighter, weighing just 1.33 pounds.
3. It's 1/3 thinner – The dimensions are, height: 9.5 inches, width: 7.3 inches, and depth: a teeny 0.34 inches.
4. A HDMI port is now built-in, so you can connect it to a TV.
5. It's 2 times faster, running on a 1GHz dual-core processor with iOS 3.4, which lets you do all kinds of sophisticated computing and graphics.
6. The battery lasts 10 hours, the same as before.
7. The price stays the same too, from $499-$829.

So now the conversation in my head goes something like this: 

It seems like only yesterday I bought a nice laptop.  Really, everything I need to do, I can conveniently do on a laptop.
 But ... newer, lighter, and thinner is very nice!

My laptop is fairly lightweight ... or IS it?  Oh, the iPad 2 is four times lighter! 

But … my laptop is easily transportable … or, IS it?

Rather than need I simply want an ipad. Right?!?
This iPad 2 is sooo cool!

I have also tried to convince myself that my laptop is the new desktop, and the iPad 2 is the new laptop, which in fact, changes my want into a need!  And having an iPad 2 would,  for surrre, make me even more productive ... but that's a lie.  My MacBook Pro does that very well.

Right now, I want an iPad 2 real bad!  But what I need is a new battery for my Macbook Pro.  Unfortunately ... in order to stay strong and not give into temptation, I will have to avoid going into an Apple store altogether.  Want. Need. Want.  And on it goes!

The iPad 2 is available in stores and online beginning today.

A letter to Steve Jobs from me:
Dear Steve,
We have never met, but you are an "evil" man.  Thanks a lot!

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