Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chanel's L.A. To Paris Makeup Palette

Thank goodness, I'm not an emotional buyer.  Because ... I see something from Chanel I want.  But if I got everything I liked, I'd be broke.  Plus I'd live in a cluttered home.  Thinking about the most horrifying show on television, Hoarders, will keep me in line!

That said, when you really do need a product, you should invest in quality.  And when it comes to makeup where rich pigments matter, Chanel is the gold standard.  Makeup that contains good pigments will stay on you face all day, so you won't have to touch up as often.

Chanel created an all-in-one makeup palette.  It has everything a woman needs in one lightweight compact.  Called “L.A. – Paris,” the plum harmony kit consists of 2 lip glosses, 1 sheer-wine-red lip color, 2 cream concealers, cream blush, and 3 powder eyeshadows.  With individual applicators, the universal colors flatter most skin tones.

DevilThis exclusive palette is ideal for travel since it's the only makeup you'll need to pack.  Now ... be still my heart and go away temptation.  Cost: $85.

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  1. Me, too , Debbie! I'm tempted on this one - sounds wonderful!