Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Aren't you glad you have a partner in life who watches your back?  Valentine's Day is just another day to let him/her know you care.  Everyone likes a few surprises, to feel appreciated and to know their mate enjoys spending time with them.  Here are a few of my favorite surprises.  And certainly, I'm not alone in liking them!

White and dark chocolates

Sparkle: diamonds and crystals and rhinestones
A nice dinner 
(Douse mine with gravy♥)

A heartfelt note

The right gift is thoughtful, but one you can afford.  Your goal is to make someone happy.  Enjoy the gift of a loved one's company.  If you are single, spend the day with your friends.  Happy Valentine's Day.

Click the first link below to know how the day became celebrated.

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  1. Melted chocolate is so good. Sorry that this posting is late- Lindt at flagship store on Fifth Ave is so much more affordable than at other outlets- half the price of nicely wrapped VD stuff at Leonidas on Madison Avenue. Lindt crunchy is good to eat as is- but some of the other flavours are nice in a saucepan, slightly warmed.

  2. This morning I needed something lovely to look at and read. I landed here. Great ideas! The Valintine's post below is interesting too!