Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Mobile Computer Cart Instead Of A Desk?

The Z Mobile Cart is perfect for small spaces.
Trust me.  Living in New York City forces you to think about every piece of furniture you bring into your home. In an apartment, space is as valuable as your property.  Whenever I think about buying furniture, I always ask myself if I mind losing the space it will occupy.  Personally, I like a bit of sparseness and would rather not fill-up every nook and cranny in a room.

For several years I have wanted a desk for my laptop.  But I value my space more.  I'm happy I waited, because as it turns out, I really don't need a desk.  The reason: Computers keep shrinking.  They have gotten so compact, and just when you think they can't get any smaller, they do.  With constant innovations, in a few short years most of us may be able to replace our present computers with one the size of an ipad, or something so tiny we can't imagine it now.  So why invest in an expensive desk that soon may become obsolete?

But right now I still want my computer off my dinner table and my notebooks and pens off my living room couch.  With this in mind, I bought a Mobile Computer Cart.  Ideal for small spaces, it has a sturdy steel "Z" frame, a lower shelf for storage and wheels for mobility.  The cart is versitile and looks good against a wall.  I can pull a chair up, and the cart becomes a desk; or pull the cart over to the couch to work.  It also has a center ledge, where I keep a calculator, extra note paper, pens, a TV remote control, a cordless phone, hand cream and lip balm.  So everything I need in order to work is organized and at my fingertips. [I made a pouch out of a cotton placemat (on sale for 98 cents), so the stuff doesn't fall off when the cart moves.]

I bought the cart at Walmart even though there isn't one in Manhattan.  If you don't have a store in your town, Walmart will ship goods to a local FedEx office free of charge, where you can pick them up.  A variety of carts and workstations are available for desktop and laptop computers.  The Z Mobile Cart costs: $35, plus you can usually find a coupon to save more.  It's a steal! 

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  1. That's a great size - plus, you can move it around on its wheels. Looks like a perfect solution for a small space!

  2. Loretta, I thought so. Practical and inexpensive too.

  3. I would also recommend that "laptop desk" from Frontgate. Not so inexpensive, but very practical.