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Celebrity Hair: How Much Do Stars Spend?

Cute and classy and smart: Jennifer Aniston
Celebrities are in the business of looking glamorous.  One bad haircut, and it gets posted all over the internet, never to be completely forgotten.  With that kind of pressure, it's always fun to read articles on what the stars pay to keep their tresses looking camera ready at all times.  So BeautyRiot did some digging, then crunched the numbers, on what 10 famous women pay when they visit their favorite hair salons.  Prepare yourself: It adds up to YIKES!  You probably use the same dollar amount to make a morgage or car payment.
Source: BeautyRiot
Kim Kardashian
Salon Goodform Salon, LA
Cost: $385
Services: $150 color, $150 cut, $85 blowout
Katy Perry
Salon: Rita Hazon, NY
Cost: $425
Services: $300 double processed color, $125 cut
Amy Adams
Salon: Sally Hershberger Salon, LA 
Cost: $500
Services: color, cut and style
Emma Watson
Salon: Cutler Soho, NY
Cost: $500
Services: up to $300 highlights, $200 cut
Kate Hudson
Salon: Neil George Salon, LA
Costs: $650
Services: full highlights, cut, blowout
Reese Witherspoon
Salon: Prive Salon, LA
Cost: $700
Services: $450 full highlights, $250 cut
Jennifer Lopez
Salon: Oribe Salon, LA
Cost: $750
Services: $350 full highlights, $400 cut
Jennifer Aniston
Salon: Chris McMillian Salon, LA
Cost: $920
Services: $320 color, $600 cut
Anne Hathaway
Salon: Ted Gibson Salon, LA
Cost: $950
Services: $950 color, cut, style
Salon: Independent, LA
Cost: $1,990 per week
Services: color, cut, style (6 days/week)

Wow, is there anyone in Hollywood, young or old, who doesn't dye his or her hair?  Anyone???

Want to know more about expenses?  Take Jennifer Anison, who always looks spectacular with her glossy hair, flawless skin, toned body and perpetual tan.  But what does it cost to maintain?  According to BeautyRiot, it takes a lot of money to look like Jennifer Anison.  Here's their breakdown of what she spends each month to look that good:

Eyeshadow Lipstick 4 Hair Brush**************************************************************************
Hair: (cut, color, and products): $949.95 {As noted, Chris McMillan is her stylist.}
Skin care: (products and one facial): $891.95  {JA visits the Tracie Martyn Spa for Martyn's signature Red Carpet Facial, which is $450.}
Makeup: (products and artist's fee for one day): $4,402  {Angela Levin is JA's makeup artist}
Brows: $160  {JA visits Anastasia Soare to get her brows shaped.}
Spray tan: $90  {She goes to Ibiza Tanning Salon in West Hollywood.}
Fitness routine: $3,600  {Mandy Ingber is JA's yoga teacher. Aniston attends three, one-hour sessions per week, which are $300 an hour.}
Diet: $1,840  {She eats dietician Carrie Wiatt's pre-made meals.  Wiatt charges $300 for planning, and the meals are $685/week.}*

The monthly grand total comes to $11,933.90.  Without tips.  BeautyRiot estimated that Aniston's beauty routine rans about $141,037.97 per year.  Staggering ... yes, for the average person, but Jennifer Aniston works and can afford it, and it is fascinating!  The paparazzi are ruthless, so do you blame her?  What would you do?  Remember that she has to see Angelina Jolie's beautiful face plastered all over the tabloids everywhere she turns as well!  (That uber mama, globe trotting, do-gooder and a bad girl, siren too. Really, it's almost too much!)

Knowing what Jen spends on her hair alone makes me appreciate my hairdresser big time.  She is consistent, a percision haircutter ... and affordable.  No matter the length, or style, she gives me a perfect cut every time.  Plus, I have all her numbers, so short of leaving the country, she can never ditch me.  If you are looking, I'm happy to hook you up.  Because in-or-out of the public eye, we all want the same thing.  Good hair.

* A top editor who attends many Hollywood functions told me that just about every film star you can name smokes to keep his/her weight down.  I named a dozen actors/actresses, and the editor confirmed they were all smokers.

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  1. A fun blog. Good humor and enjoyable.

  2. WOW! I was going to guess in the ball park of $1000 for a new do. Not surprising. It does make me appreciate my hairdresser ($35)!! And she always does a great job too.
    I could not handle this kind of pressure to look good all the time. It's just not normal!!
    Great blog : )

  3. All I can say is WOW!!! They look good, but a lot of ordinary women look good without spending that kind of time and money. Some of it is mental and believing they need this lifestyle.

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  6. Aisha Bal,

    Welcome here. Happy you stopped by!