Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Consider A Convertible Dress

Go sleeve or sleeveless

A reader of THE SAVVY SHOPPER called my attention to this convertible dress. What a creative and smart wardrobe staple.  Thank you, Loretta!

You buy one dress – a piece of easy-to-work fabric -- and transform it into a dozen different looks.  Learning to style the dress definitely calls for a bit of practice, but with the help of YouTube tutorials, you can master a style, one possibility at a time.

The dresses are classic and comfortable and come in an assortment of solid colors.  I think the dark colors are dressy.  A single convertible dress can take you through the holidays with a myriad of styles.  It is perfect to pack for out-of-town trips when the less is more principle rules.  Take one dress along to wear to many parities and events.  Look cute and chic and unlike the day-before without packing more than a carry-on bag.  

Below are two manufacturers of convertible dresses.  The Twist Wrap dress is sold as a bridesmaid's dress, but it's just a versatile party dress.  Two convertible dresses; same innovative idea.  One may be right for you: 
Hipknoties, $85 – Click and scroll to the bottom video.

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  1. These dresses are very clever indeed. Not sure if it would work for me though :)

  2. (Glad I finally remembered how to comment here - LOL!) The convertible dress sounds so practical, especially as a bridesmaid's dress. I've never liked the idea of a "one-occasion" dress, and there are so many possibilites here for a wedding - Each bridesmaid could "tweak" the dress to suit her own style and figure. (Much less pre-nup fighting! And no useless dress in the closet.)

  3. I like the idea of bridesmaids wearing idential dresses, but each with a different spin.

  4. Hipknoties is the best convertible multi way dress out there! They have cracked the code on how to make a garment transform effortlessly!

  5. Love the Bridesmaids being able to choose their own style