Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

One of the things I'm grateful for is you.  From my stats, I know you live all over the world. Thanks for your emails, ideas and simply for stopping by from wherever you are logging on.  I love hearing from you!

State fair photo by my childhood friend, Pam H.  I'm grateful for my  friends.
Hey little buddy.  You can be thankful that on this day, you're safe.  Looks like he read the preceding post on the importance of sleep, right?
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I am touched by this 1936 photo of a child praying before school lunch.  Take a look.  She has a bottle of milk, a small sandwich, hot soup and an apple.  Her mother sent her to school with a clean, starched dress and a big bow for her hair.  It reminds me of the hopes and dreams every parent has for a child, and I wonder how this child's life unfolded.

Are you counting your blessings today?  Sometimes it's the everyday things that really matter. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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  1. A lovely post. Happy Thanksgiving from Australia, Debra.

  2. Thanks Patricia. BTW, I enjoy your blog too!