Monday, November 5, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas ... Yes, Time To Begin!

Believe it, or not, Christmas is only 7 weeks away, and Hanukkah begins on December 8th this year.  So it's not premature to start thinking about gifts.  Anticipation and early planning will help you sail through the season on a budget.  To avoid the stress of the Christmas rush, prepare early.  Your goal is to make the people on your list happy with a carefully chosen gift that you can afford:

Here are five great gift ideas to consider:

1. Benson & Clegg cufflinks – For the gentlemen in your life, take advantage of a special offer:  Buy two, then get two free enamel cufflinks, made in England and hand finished in a range of elegant designs.  Under $45 a set.

2. Camileon Heels – For women on the go, comfortable shoes with easy-adjustable heels.  A wearer can walk to her destination in kitten heels.  Once she arrives, her 1½ inch heels transform into 3½ inch heels in seconds.  No more carrying an extra pair of flats for walking.  When first on the market, these leather pumps sold for $300.  Now they retail from an affordable $99 - $130 a pair.

3. Interchangeable Peace Sign Band Watch Set –  For family and friends who like to change their watch to suit their moods and outfits.  The watch has a black face and white, easy-to-read numbers.  Its silver rim sparkles with tiny rhinestones. The 4 switchable bands are blue, orange, green and purple.  Very cute.  Costs: $11.95 for the set.

4. Cell Phone Buddies – For anyone who needs a designated place to put his or her cell ... plus a smile.  They are sturdy metal cradles with acrylic hands and feet to resemble little people ready to help.  Three colors: red, blue and orange.  Makes an adorable stocking stuffer.  Costs $4.95 for a set of 3.

5. Nova Mini Portable Speaker by Tego Audio – For music lovers who want to play music from their ipods, smart phones and tablets.  The speaker is small enough to fit in a pocket, but produces a sound loud enough to fill a room.  Very impressive bass sound.  It has a lithium ion battery, which recharges over USB and plays up to 8 hours.  Also plugs into computers.  Costs: $39.99 each, or $99.99 for a 3-pack.

Extra tip: For access to sellers across the country use Amazon as a product reference.  At times, you can get lower prices by ordering there.

Even when we focus on the true meaning of the holidays (which indeed, we should!) there are always several gifts to buy for family and friends.  Try buying fewer, but more thoughtful gifts that the recipent will use.  And be sure to throw in the gift of real time spent together.  This year leave all cell phones in their cradles.


  1. Lovely and amazing gifting option for these festive season real sounds to be great gifting choice for women and girls this festive season.

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