Monday, January 14, 2013

For The New Year

Photo by Jane Smith (Flickr)
As the new year begins, many people focus on physical fitness.  While some aim to lose a few pounds, others just want to embrace a healthy lifestyle.  Sometimes what you don't do, is as important as what you do.  With that thought in mind --

Here are 15 exercises to avoid in 2013*:

1. Grasping at straws
2. Wading through paperwork
3. Running around in circles
4. Pushing your luck
5. Spinning your wheels
6. Adding fuel to the fire
7. Beating your head against the wall
8. Climbing the walls
9. Beating your own drum
10. Dragging your heels
11. Jumping to conclusions
12. Jumping on the bandwagon  
13. Fishing for compliments
14. Throwing your weight around
15. Passing the buck

*source: Mickey's Funnies (hosted by the Agathongroup)

Though I'm featuring bright plastic straws above, #1 actually refers to a drowning man grabbing at the thin reeds that grow by the side of a river.  A last ditch ... and likely futile effort.
The only way to break a bad habit is by replacing it with a good habit.  Something to strive for one-day-at-a-time until you succeed.

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  1. Debbie - I am already guilty of practicing a lot of these exercises in 2013! Is there any hope for me? LOL!!

  2. Hi Debra, glad you found your Pan Stick. I have been looking round lots of places here, but have not seen it at all. Maybe it is not sold in Australia!

  3. Nice post for folks who may have already broken their resolutions re exercising- 2-1/2 weeks into the year