Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Jouer Makeup Palette

The Weekender Collection
If you wear makeup, but desire a natural look -- like you're not wearing makeup -- then Jouer is the perfect beauty brand for you.  Launched in 2008 by Christina Zilber (herself, a busy entrepreneur and mother of two), the cosmetics are created to be simple, chic and modern.  All formulas promote a healthy glowing complexion.

The pigments are rich and stay on your face. From shimmering nudes to rich matte chocolates, the colors are ultra wearable and timeless.  Peachy pink lip glosses, radiant moisture tints and earthy eye shadows glide on to enhance a woman's natural beauty.

The packaging is clever and practical too.  Select a customized palette that is right for your personal style.  All the products in a collection are designed to interlock.  They snap together like legos, so you can configure your makeup anyway you like, making it compact and easy to carry.

The collections are the better value.  Although at $58 they are an investment, you are paying for lavish pigments that will last all day and not fade after a couple of hours of wear.  The all-in-one Weekender is all you need in a pinch. It includes eye tints, check color, highlighters, bronzer, face powder and lip gloss. [On Amazon here.]  The colors in the palette are universal.  Every skin tone can wear them.  ♥ it!  To learn what makeup to save and splurge on, see the blog posts below.

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