Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wendy's Chili Is A Great Deal All Around

Photo: The Village Voice
There are times when you need to find some cheap eats. Wendy's chili, which is meaty, beany and tomatoey, fits the bill. It is filling, low in fat and (in my opinion) tastes as good as homemade. Rare is the day when you can eat a nutritious meal for two bucks (before tax). At Wendy's I order either a large chili, or a small serving and a baked potato. I like the saltine crackers and packet of hot seasoning too.

I miss Dave Thomas, the founder, former chairman and spokesperson of the fast food chain, who died in 2002. When you watched Dave in a Wendy's commericial, you sensed he was a caring man. Thomas never met his birth mother. As an infant he was adopted, but after turning 5, his adopted mother died, and later he had to drop out of high school to earn a living. He took jobs working in restaurants.

Wendy's was named after Thomas' then eight year old daughter. After becoming successful, Thomas became a well-known advocate for adoptions and education, raising lots of money for both causes. He wanted to give needy children (and young adults who like himself had dropped out of high school) a hand up. In 1993, to set a good example for kids, Thomas earned his GED.

After paying for my order, I like to drop a few coins in the charity box at the Wendy's cash register in honor of Dave Thomas, who overcame an imperfect childhood, become an entrepreneur and made a difference.

What's your favorite fast food?

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  1. I love fish and chips, in fact it is the only fast food I will generally agree to eat!

    1. Patricia, I absolutely love fish and chips. If we ever happen upon the same hemisphere at the same time, we must have lunch!

  2. I vote for the screaming hot chili at "Hill Country" on W. 26th Street (right across from Maysville). As for fish and chips, there are some pretty good places in the neighborhood.