Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday To THE SAVVY SHOPPER

It's a busy week. Yesterday ... the Academy Awards ... and today THE SAVVY SHOPPER turns five years old.

Over the past year the blog gained more page views, but lost a loyal reader, Ms. Loretta G, who passed away in late June. Time has a way of marching on, but I will always miss Loretta, who was lovely and generous with her support. I am grateful for her comments and emails.

Thanks to all of you for stopping by.

Here's to another year of new topics, practical tips and entertainment. Let's aim for good writing mixed with fun stuff for eyeballs to make your stay worthwhile.

I hope you continue to find some wisdom and humor here.
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Not only is today THE SAVVY SHOPPER's birthday, it's the time of the year when *spring* is around the corner. We will spring forward next Sunday, March 9th, gaining an hour of daylight.

Lent is fast approaching on the Christian calendar. It begins on Ash Wednesday, March 5th, the day after Mardi Gras. Although I am not a religious person, I have a thought. What if in lieu of giving up something, people add something during Lent? Something to make the world a little bit better ... like public service, volunteering for a worthy cause or simply helping a neighbor. 

You can think of it as giving up your time, but don't just give something up. Do something for someone else. Add kindness. Let's try to make a difference in another person's life. I'm not a scholar of theology (far from it, believe me), but isn't that what Jesus did? 

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