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10 Women I'd Like To Meet For Tea

Sarah Jessica Parker on Katie 
Let's play a game: Name 10 women you'd like to meet for tea. I'll go first. (If you are a man, you have to come up with men.)

If any of the ladies on my list call to invite me to tea I will drop whatever I am doing to accept. I'll take a day off from work, fly back from another continent, or sneak out of the hospital (with tubes and medicine attached) so as not to miss my fun chance.

Not only do I admire each name on my list for her life accomplishments, I think each woman is a good person. Smart, savvy and positive, they seem like grounded, lovely women, whose hearts and minds are in the right place. Just the kind of women one would enjoy sharing a laugh, chat and cup of tea with. So in stream of consciousness fashion, here are my choices:

1. Michelle Obama - America is lucky to have her as First Lady. Bright. Straightforward. Warm. She cares about people. Do you think she'd introduce me to Bo and Sunny?

2. Sarah Jessica Parker - As a child, she supported her entire family of seven siblings with her Broadway actor's wages, and today remains a successful actress, producer, clothing and shoe designer. She's a wife, mother of three, on the New York City Ballet board of directors, social activist and down-to-earth person. I like how she loves fashion, always looks great, but doesn't take it too seriously. 

3. Jennifer Lawrence - Talented, focused, witty, a lovable goofball (I think, because she grew up with brothers), real, has a good heart, as well as, a wise head on her young shoulders. (I love Louisvillians and Londoners. It's a long story.)

4. Drew Barrymore - Overcame a less than ideal childhood, but learned from her mistakes and got on a healthy path. She sort of raised herself. Today, she's a successful actress, executive producer, as well as, wife, mother and founder of Flower, an affordable line of cosmetics.
Julianne Moore & family (photo:
5. Julianne Moore - Actress extraordinaire. From all accounts, intelligent, level-headed and a wonderful person. Without a doubt, she'd be a joy to hang with.

6. Katie Couric - She is a good journalist, that's a given. Moreover you just sense, she's the girlfriend everybody should have - fun, thoughtful and watches your back.

7. Meryl Streep - Inside and outside the film industry, who doesn't love Meryl?  ♥ ♥ She's our Queen of Hearts. The admiration spans several decades and just continues ... 2014 ... going strong.

8. Kathy Lee Gifford - As the hostess of the third hour of the Today Show, she
Jennifer Lawrence (photo:
expresses her views on the topical issues of the day. 
She has a positive, yet knowing outlook. When she gives her two cents, I find myself agreeing with her. She understands human nature and talks sense.

9. Kate Middleton and her mother Carole Middleton - Carole started a successful business and raised 3 balanced, happy children; there is never a wrong step in that family. I bet, Carole and Kate are delightful company, together and separately. 

10. Kristin Van Ogtrop  - Real Simple's editor-in-chief. (Full disclosure: I have reported to KVO.) She is nothing like the diva portrayed by Meryl Streep in The Devil Loves Prada, despite being as smart, savvy and successful as that movie's main character. KVO is an inspiring boss and a genuinely nice person. Reading her blog, Adventures In Chaos, inspired me to start mine. She is a brilliant writer sharing her snippets of life as a working mother.

I have a hard time stopping my list at ten women. There are many more -- Shakira and The Chew's Carla Hall are also on it, but now it's your turn.

Who would you like to meet for tea?

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