Thursday, September 25, 2014

Eyeshadow Candy For Women

Essence All About Nude Palette
Eyeshadow is a makeup item you can splurge, as well as, save on at various times. You might spend more when rich pigments matter. The shadow will stay on your lids all day. On the other hand, you can save when you want to add a few fun or trendy colors that you don't mind reapplying during the day.

Fortunately, there are many excellent eyeshadows under $10 at the corner drugstore that work almost as well as their upscale cousins. Here are two:

1) Essence has come out with a palette of six nude eye shadows, ranging from matte to shimmery textures. Costing a mere $7, you can mix, match and wear the nude colors in a multitude of ways. Nude eyes never really go out of style, and glittery textures add versatility and fun!

The Tattoo Leather Series - 5 shades available: black, beige, green, plum, chocolate
2) Eye Studio Tattoo Leather Series - Manufactured by Maybelline, this is a moist shadow which goes on as a cream, but dries with a matte finish. Stays put. It's vibrant  24-hour color. A smooth, classy look that performs as well as the high end shadows. $4-$6 each (depending on where you buy it).

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  1. I really like the colour of the Maybelline, which I guess is the plum one. I wonder if it is available in Australia - I will have to look out for it. Plum shadow works for me!

  2. Patricia, yes, that's from Maybelline. I hope it's available in Australia for you. Great collection, long lasting and cheap, all the traits we like!