Monday, September 8, 2014

Life Is A Carnival

Do you know what is fun for kids? Pretending, of course, that they have joined a carnival. 

When I was a child, I had fun baking with my mother using my Easy Bake Oven. Mom, probably ... not so much, but she was a good sport, supervising me so there were no chances of burning the house down.

Kids love toys that let them make things, or enter a world of nostalgia. Plus, family fun nights are opportunities to bond.

If I had young kids at home, or grandchildren who came for visits, I would probably buy a few movie/carnival vintage appliances for family play dates. Reasonably priced, they would certainly create warm memories and put smiles on tender faces.

Here's what I'd be tempted to bring home to encourage our family fun times:

1) A vintage popcorn popper  (pictured above) - I like the affordable price of the model I feature here at the top of the post, the Nostalgia Electrics KPM508. It's under $60 and would do the job.

2) The Kickball Ice Cream Maker - Again, I like the price tag, under $35, as well as, the ease of making the ice cream. The ball has 2 compartments, the first for the ice cream ingredients, the second for rock salt and ice. You can then kick, shake or roll the ball to churn the ice cream. Sounds like the perfect job for a team of kids, who would then enjoy a sweet reward for all their hard work.

3. Turn regular sugar, confectionery sugar or hard candy into cotton candy. The Nostalgia Electrics Cotton Candy Maker sells for under $40. I would not go any cheaper because you don't want to wait longer than 5 minutes for the machine to heat up, nor do you want to have any trouble meeting the damand for cotton candy. Personally, I would also buy the flossing sugar and cone kit for the different colors and to keep the activity fun for everyone, including the adults, who are usually in charge of planning, as well as, cleaning up.
4) I like the Nostalgia Electrics RFF600RETRORED Chocolate Fountain. Under $25. Why buy a more expensive one? Keeping chocolate melted and flowing isn't complicated. All you need to add are fresh strawberries and marshmallows to coat in dark chocolate (dark to sneak in some healthy antioxidants).

Depending on the number of children (and adults!) in the party, you could select any two, or buy all four of the special treat makers. Just one would be the hit of a family gathering, plus make a fabulous hostess gift. Life can be a carnival for children of all ages!

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