Monday, September 22, 2014

The Tranquility Pod

Photo: Hammacher Schlemmer; Bed created by Alberto Fraas.
If I had an extra $30,000 lying around, I'd spend it on one of these. (Although wide awake, I am dreaming.) The Tranquility Pod is designed to provide the perfect environment for a good night's rest. Luckily, I fall asleep within five minutes of my head hitting a pillow, and I stay asleep for eight hours. However, there are a few nocturnal New Yorkers who are not always respectful of the wee hours, nor of their slumbering neighbors.

This high tech water bed is built to nullify a big city's disturbances and, if necessary, lure you to sleep. The pod's hull is handcrafted from fiberglass into a sleek, gel-coat surface to block out 90% of outside noise, while its interior uses pleasant music, "gentle vibration and soothing light to relax the mind, body and spirit." It contains 80 watt, 4 audio speakers that you program with a smart phone.

The pod also has a biofeedback system. It uses a pulse sensor to synchronize your heart rate with 50 LED's (or light-emitting diodes, a type of solid state lighting) housed in the pod. In other words, ambient lighting created by reading your body rhythm lulls you to sleep.

A deluxe suede-topped memory foam cushion that is temperature controlled makes you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

The pod is a six foot wide octagon -- 80 inches in diameter -- which is big. But if you have the 30 grand, you either have the space, or you are desperate for some quality REM zzzz.

A heavenly rest can be had for a hefty price, no? Maybe if we all want one, the price will come down. Still dreaming, I suppose.

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