Monday, September 29, 2014

Lands' End's House Slippers Are Just Right

With leather laces. Six colors - red, pink, navy blue, purple, tan and brown.

Finding the perfect house slippers on a budget can be challenging. Call me parsimonious, but I don't like to spent $50 plus on slippers. Everybody has certain preferences too. For a few years, I wore clog slippers, which truthfully, are not my favorite kind. The clog style is a loose fit, and I worry about tripping and falling down stairs. So recently, I decided to treat myself to a new pair.

Lands' End is a fabulous place to go for variety. It has over 30 styles for men, women and children; a pair to fit every need. My perferences: I like cozy house slippers that don't resemble bedroom slippers, so I can walk down to the lobby or laundry room of my apartment building without changing into regular shoes.

As it turns out I got what I want, a quality, durable pair at a fair price (and a 20% discount). The Women's Suede Moc Slippers have suede uppers and a plush polyester berber lining, which is treated with Agion -- an environmentally safe technology -- that protects against odors, plus wear and tear, allowing you to go sock-less.

Very warm and soft, my new house shoes have extra padding in the footbed. And, I love the rubber soles. I can step outside on the sidewalk for a moment in the winter, if necessary. Someone please tell me, why did I stick with my old, an-accident-waiting-to-happen slippers for so long?

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