Friday, October 10, 2014

Halloween Themed Clothes And Accessories

Sidney Evan 14k rose gold ring with ruby and garnet.
Halloween comes at the exact right time of the year. We have all of October to get ready for Fright night! If you don't dress up in full costume, you can still have a bit of ghoulish fun with these haunting accessories. The ring at the top is probably my favorite. love it ... and will use it as inspiration, since at $620, I can't really justify the expense. Surely, I can find a gold-plated-rhinestone knock-off for a few dollars elsewhere. (Wouldn't I always like to be wearing rubies and solid gold though!)

Esty, which focuses on homemade, vintage and unique factory items, is a fantastic website to find these kinds of things at affordable prices. The e-company provides "personal storefronts" to artists, craftsmen-and-women and other small sellers, who pay a small fee to list a piece of merchandise. Here is a round-up of several spooky pieces to get you into the spirit for All Hollows' Eve
A black cat iPhone 5 cover here.
These tiny skull studs here.
How about these creepy spider earrings here?
A jack-o-lantern glass pendent neckless with an attitude here.
A spider and web neckless here.
A vampire knuckle ring here.
Oooh, an Alexander McQueen skull silk blend scarf. Pricey, so for inspiration.
An inexpensive skull print sweater from ASOS. I'll take the leather skirt too!
Halloween comes but once a year ... and what a lovely season it is in the western hemisphere! Falling leaves, pumpkins, the light layering of a sweater, hot cider, craft beer and candy corn.

For more goth inspired clothing and accessories click this link for ASOS.

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  1. For the guys reading this blog, I could suggest a tie, with skull motif, from Alexander Mulqueen (sp?), I saw these in Macy's? Barneys? not sure where, and I thought it would be fun to get one for Halloween this year.

  2. Further to my earlier post, I saw a lady in a knitted looking hat, with skulls on it, on the #7 subway line, just a little while ago. I don't know how to post pix from the comments section here, but it was black with white skull on it. So, this whole skull thing is definitely a big trend spotted by The Savvvy Shopper.