Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Sole Society For The Latest Style

Boho wrap bracelet, $30
When it comes to chic shoes, handbags and accessories, The Sole Society is right up THE SAVVY SHOPPER'S alley. The site features timeless style, the latest trends along with well crafted goods at mostly affordable prices.

That said, buyer beware. Order with great caution because although shipping is free both ways, returns aren't always hassle free. Customers report that shoe sizes are unpredictable. One size 8 might fit perfectly, yet in another style, a size 8 is too big or small. Not uncommon with footwear, but with this merchant, when shoes or articles don't work out, consumers are given either:

1) store credit for returns; or 2) pay a $7.95 restocking fee (per item returned) for refunds to their credit cards. For these reasons, I would not order shoes directly from the company's website. Instead I recommend ordering Sole Society shoes from other retailers who sell the brand, such as Nordstrom or Amazon, which have friendlier return policies. Who wants to pay $8 to get refunds?

Nonetheless, if you see shoes on the site too posh to pass up and are willing to accept the return policy, be sure to read all the customer reviews for insights before placing an order. Other customers will often tell you if the shoes run big or small, or discuss the quality and look.

Personally, when shopping online, I only take calculated risks on familiar, or inexpenive merchandize. The cost of mistakes can really add up.

Sole Society has a couple of features that make the website fun to browse. Its Tastemarker Series is a useful section where fashion insiders, including top editors and industry bloggers, give you advice, plus select their favorite items. Also appealing is the Shop The Look section, where you can click on a hot outfit to explore and buy the trendy pieces. It's like having a personal cyber stylist at your service!

So enjoy the fashion-forwardness of The Sole Society ...  just shop mindfully.

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