Thursday, October 2, 2014

Show Off Your Blue Shoes To Fight Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed worldwide, according to AM New York. One out of four women gets it globally. While the rate of breast cancer is high, over the last decades our ability to detect it early, at its most treatable stage, has greatly improved. Thanks to advances in screenings and treatment, there are more than 6.3 million breast cancer survivers today. Most of us know someone touched by it. It's a disease that effects the entire family.

During October, which is breast cancer awareness month, many retailers are lending their support. Nine West is sponsoring a campaign to raise awareness and funds, and you can be part of it. Upload a photo of yourself wearing any blue shoes to Instagram or Twitter with the tag #9WFTBC, and the company will donate $10 (up to $275,000) to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. Click here to participate.

Let's beat breast cancer, and while we're thinking about the subject, be sure to go for your yearly exams. Many cancers, as well as, other illnesses are treatable (and often curable) if caught early. Chronic illness is costly. As this article points out, preventive medicine helps everyone ... you, your family and society! 

Do your part ... take good care, stay informed and join the cause.

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  1. Hi Debra, I had not heard about this fund-raiser and I like it very much. There is so much pink associated with breast cancer fundraising, and although I am fond of pink, it is all a bit too much for me. I hope the blue idea catches on. Now, I just have to find me some blue shoes ...

    1. I love the blue too, Patricia. Good luck in your search!