Saturday, October 25, 2014

CoverGirl Cheekers Blush Is A Top Performer

Savvy Cosmetic Shoppers should only splurge on makeup when top ingredients count. Blush usually falls into the must-splurge category, since rich pigments will stay on cheeks all day long without fading. That's why it's very exciting to find a steal for under $5 at the corner drugstore!

CoverGirl Cheekers is a winning blush that performs nearly as well as its luxe cousins for a fraction of the cost. It gets top ratings from magazine-end-of-year lists and everyday women because it comes in 17 natural looking shades to suit a multitude of skin tones. You can also build on the color to flatter your unique complexion; or to-go-from day to evening. The variety of hues blend easily, and each color has a subtle shimmer that gives the face a radiant finish. With a staying power of 5 - 8 hours, it is a smart blush to have in your makeup bag. Inexpensive and fabulous!
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