Monday, July 27, 2015

Uniqlo's Flare Sleeveless Dress ... And More

Uniqlo has styled the perfect summer dress. It's airy and feminine ... visually, a classic! Designing affordable, lightweight, yet substantial clothing is Uniqlo's trademark, and this dress is no exception. The material is a smooth, durable cotton blended with a touch of stretch. The dress is soft, comfortable and cool.

You can wear it to the office, as well as, out to dinner afterwards. The flare cut is ultra flattering. Sleeveless; gorgeous lines; and t-shirt-cozy -- the dress comes in 5 colors. I bought the pink stripped pattern and love the contrast of the overall pink with navy accents. So practical and casual-posh, I think I'll get another color. Cost: $29.90.

Whether traveling, going out at night, or blasted with air conditioning, you sometimes need an article to cover your shoulders. Uniqlo offers nearly weightless summer options. All are easy to tote, or roll up in a suitcase:

Slip on a 100% cotton sweater from the retailer's UV Collection. It blocks out 90% of the sun's harmful rays.

Or throw on one of Uniqlo's many types of hoodies. Some are cotton with stretch UV protection. Others are airism UV cut mash to keep you cool and dry in a warm climate. All the hoodies have innovative fabric and extra bells and whistles. High collars protect your neck, and thumb holes let you cover the backs of your hands.

I often carry one of Uniqlo's linen/cotton stoles to drape on my shoulders in the summer. I have a navy blue one to match several dress colors. It's so thin, I can fold it up to carry in my purse for when I get cold.

In fact I had to rebuy it. The first Uniqlo navy scarf I bought (it had a bit of silk in it) was lost in someone's closet at the end of a house party. Surprisingly, we couldn't find my book bag with its contents of my scarf and a mini umbrella when it was time for me to go home. As I don't suspect the lovely hosts nor anyone at the party would have taken it, to this day the disappearance is a great mystery. Life!

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  1. What a lovely summer dress - I live in dresses like these in our long hot summer. The stripe one in particular appeals to me. I don't know if Uniglo is sold in Australia.

    1. Patricia, you do have Uniqlo in Australia online: Here in the US, shipping is free with a $50 order and often on promotions. The store has weekly promotions so it's fairly easy not to pay shipping. I especially love their winter gear, so take a look.