Monday, July 20, 2015

How Does Kate Middleton Wear Those High Heels?

Photo: Zimbo
Ever wonder how Kate Middleton walks so effortlessly in high heels? She made wearing a 3-inch heel while pushing Princess Charlotte up a concrete-and-grass path to the royal christening look easy. How are her feet not killing her?

According to Vanity Fair magazine, the Duchess wears leather Alice Bow insoles as her "secret weapon."

Without a doubt, our beloved Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, has access to the very best products. Alice Bow insoles are carefully made in London from fine Italian leather. They look and feel luxurious underfoot. The superior padding absorbs shock, lets feet breathe and has antibacterial properties.

The insoles fit any shoes to make walking in heels comfortable for hours on end. They are designed to be as thin as possible while providing ultra padding only where you need it -- in the case of high heels, that is under the ball of your foot and not under your toes.

In fact, there are two different designs of Alice Bow insoles: 1) one crafted for heels and 2) another made for flats. Each variety sells for £13.90, which is a bit of an investment. For those of us not living in the UK, we'll also have to pay a hefty shipping charge. So stock up if you find yourself visiting.

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  1. You know, I have wondered about Kate and the shoes, especially when she is pregnant and still wearing them. So the secret is out! Not going to the UK any time soon, but you never know. Maybe they will turn up in Australia some day, and I can return to the heels I have pretty much given up!

    1. I end up carrying heels and changing after I arrive at a place, since we rarely drive anywhere in Manhattan. Fortunately, times have gotten more casual for those of us out of the public eye.

      I would love to have a pair of the leather insoles too. Maybe a pair of each kind, for flats and heels. I hope, eventually, we see them sold on our shores, as well as, for you in Australia, Patricia.