Saturday, October 3, 2015

Uniqlo's Ultra Light Down Vest Is A Steal

Uniqlo put their Ultra Light Down Vest on promotion this week for $29, so I added a second color to my wardrobe. I now own two -- one in dark navy blue and a new fun, bright pink. Not only are they an unbelievably lightweight design, but they are super warm. Layer them without bulking up! The quilted pattern is slimming and polished.

They are also easy to take on a trip. The vest comes with a pouch. You just roll it up and carry it on a plane or train. Unfold the vest when you get cold, or even improvise to use it as a pillow. The thin outer nylon material is also water resistant, so it repels moisture on a rainy autumn day. And, it has handy side pockets.

Sometimes a low price and all the pretty colors are too tempting, so I must stop myself from ordering more than I really need. The navy blue will act as my mix and match neutral color, and the bright pink will inject a little pizzazz into a dreary winter day. But if you look, the wine makes a lovely neutral color, and the red is lively too! Deciding may be hard!!

For men and women who have the height, I recommend ordering a size up for extra length, as well as, for the great combination of a fitted, yet slightly relaxed style. 

If you miss this price, don't worry. Another promotion will come around again.

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  1. with onset of colder weather, these make a lot of sense.