Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thoughts Before Thanksgiving

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Especially this year, I'm thankful to live in a peaceful country that values freedom and human life over ideology. I don't understand the type of hate and fanaticism our world must worry about now. I am truly shocked by what a group of indoctrinated thugs are doing to even their own people, their neighbors: raping and enslaving innocent girls, beheading young men who shave their beards, or refuse to join them in their brutality and destroying their own civilization.

I am aware, but I do not live in fear, and I am thankful to not have to live in fear. We should strive for the same tolerance, freedom and security for all people of all nationalities, of all religions all over the world.

EmojiI sympathize with the people of Paris ... mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who won't be coming home. Long live France!
Restoring peace will be a long and complicated process. I am grateful to have leaders who are much smarter then I am to tackle the job.

President Obama is criticized for his calm demeanor, but I am thankful for his intelligent, measured approach. He does not get the credit he deserves for his leadership. And the affordable health care act, which Obama spearheaded is working, domestically, according to published reports. It's a start in the right direction.
This year I am thankful for good doctors. Since being hit by a speeding bicyclist in Central Park, I've visited a team of specialists like no other year before. I'm grateful for the excellent care I've received.

As always I'm forever thankful for family and friends.

And I'm grateful for YOU, awesome readers and fellow bloggers. Thanks for stopping by ... this year in greater numbers! Let me know if there are any subjects you wish to know more about.
Let's count our many blessings! Happy Thanksgiving!

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