Saturday, November 28, 2015

Carine Roitfeld For Uniqlo

The Women Carine Silk Stole available at Uniqlo is a fabulous accessory for the changing weather. Normally, $29, I bought the black with white polka dots color on promotion for $19, which is a steal for premium natural silk. A super cute and classic design. 

But note: Unqlo's description is a little misleading as the square of silk is a scarf, not a stole. So it's smaller than a stole. Still the scarf is a good deal for a quality product, and if you know it's a scarf before ordering, you won't be disappointed upon unfolding it.

Designed by Carine Roitfeld (Paris' fashion icon), the scarf feels smooth, sleek and substantial. Not only can you tie it around your neck, it is big enough to fold in half to cover your head to protect yourself on a nippy, breezy evening. You will look Audrey Hepburn esque!

Wearing a silk scarf is ideal during the spring and fall seasons before it's cold enough to pull out wool hats and scarves. Sometimes you need something to keep warm, but would be too warm in a winter scarf. Silk is just right. Somehow, it's both warm and light.

If you want to treat yourself to something stylish and practical, le voilĂ !

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  1. I do love a polka dot, and what great value - only $19 for a silk scarf! Silk is really expensive here: I just bought 2 metres of silk for a dress which cost about $60.00. Have a great week!

    1. Hi Tricia,

      I hope to see your dress once you finish it. I'll check your blog to catch should you post a photo of it. Silk is usually expensive in the USA too.

      I highly recommend keeping an eye on Uniqlo. Sometimes I don't know how they can offer such low prices on their quality clothing, but they always do. I suppose it's because the retailer is global and mass produce their goods. They are also a company with a focus on ethical business practices. They do ship to Australia. Here's their Australian link: I hope they found a way to ship to you, inexpesively.

      I allways enjoy your comments, my blogging friend. Enjoy your week ahead!