Thursday, July 21, 2016

Kate Middleton's Tangle Angel Brush

The Duchess of Cambridge, a/k/a, Kate Middleton gets lots of love from THE SAVVY SHOPPER. Ever wonder what tools her hairstylist uses to create her sleek and shinny locks of hair? When you live in a castle and have access to London's best, there are bound to be a few products and tools (not to mention hands) involved. 

One tool is an affordable hair brush designed by her hairstylist, Richard Ward, called the Shine Angel. In fact, there are a series of Tangle Angel brushes: the Shine Angel, Tangle Angel and Cherub Angel.

The brush's purpose is to detangle the hair, either wet or dry without damaging the strands. The Tangle Angel brushes are perfect for Kate's "Chelsea" style of hair blowouts. The brush's bristles are real, flat and infused with (anti-bacterial and) anti-static properties to tame and smooth flyaways for a silky finish. The brush is suitable for all hair textures; and the Tangle Angel Cherub brush is small enough to tot inside a purse, or gym bag. So you never have to be without one.

Here's a video to show you how to get the signature shine, movement and bounce of Kate's Chelsea blow dry. Ooh, I'll take the brush and a stylist, please!

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  1. Wow, that is one very cute hairbrush Debbie - whether it works well or not! I love its pretty shape and colour. I doubt I'd find it here, but as I'm off to London in a couple of months, maybe I will find one :)

    1. Oh Trish, I love London! Wish I could visit too. Can't wait to see a photo or more on your blog.

      Perhaps you'll want to look for Alice Bow insoles while you're there: You can't get them outside the UK without paying hefty shipping charges.