Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Southern Cross (Crux)

Occasionally for fun, I blog about Guilty Pleasure Songs; however I'm going to retire the list of songs because the YouTube videos disappear so often, and it's too much effort to go back to old posts for the purpose of finding new videos of a whole list of songs. (Will you cry me a river?) I prefer writing new blogs to revising old ones.🙃

So from now on for amusement, perhaps I will do a Guilty Pleasure Song ... no more lists, just a single. Surely I can keep up with one song if it gets yanked.

Sooo, for my Guilty Pleasure Song, I choose Southern Cross by Crosby, Stills & Nash.

What can I say about it? Only a talented songwriter can write a good story song. Early country music had tons of them. Today, not so much. A good story song sounds authentic -- it says something real and true about the human condition. A listener can hear the song years later and still understand its meaning, as the scenario, or emotions are timeless. Hank Williams, Mere Haggard, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Bob Wills and a slew of other artists excel(led) at songwriting ... and thus master(ed) the story song.🎸

Steven Stills is no slouch either. He wrote Southern Cross (with the help of Rick and Michael Curtis) about a long boat trip he took following his divorce. A failed relationship leaves its damage and is filler for the song. Clearly, the protagonist pines for his ex-love. Do you agree? The man sails around the Southern Hemisphere taking solace in the beauty of the sea and the Southern Cross, a constellation of stars in a peaceful night sky. Through his sorrows and loss what endures for him is music. He thinks he'll forget her, and in time perhaps he will. Or not? {One source says: That's as likely to happen as forgetting the beauty of the Southern Cross.} See how clever the story song can be?
Crux photo:

Crux photo: Christopher J. Picking

A wordy song, Mr. Stills must possess a stellar memory and clear head to sing it LIVE, no? Lovely harmony too.

By the way, we can't see the Southern Cross here in America. Have you caught a glimpse of it in your sky?🌝

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    1. Howdy Regine,

      I appreciate your comment!


  2. Good one. I caught it from a boat in Caribbean, but we were 18 north so it was about 5 degrees above southern horizon. Crosby Still song reverbed in my head as I squinted at the horizon (due to timing of the year, stayed up till 4am to see it). It was much smaller than I expected, very compact. Also saw Alpha Centauri. Very cool astonomical memories to go with Guilty Pleasures.

    1. Welcome back, Barry! I have not been to the Carribbean -- bucket list.

  3. Dearest Debra,
    Not familiar with it...
    It is so hard to listen to or view any video nowadays... Time is running out with all the Social Media!
    Sending you hugs for a happy weekend.

    1. Thanks for your warm wishes, Mariette! Social Media does, indeed, demand time. I have reclaimed some of my time so I can read books like I did in the old days before soicial media!